The Affordable Perdomo Lot 23 Cigars

September 24, 2015

Being a fan of Perdomo Cigars since Nick’s startup days in the late 90s, the one thing I’ve always appreciated was his ability to produce a top-quality cigar to accommodate every budget. Not surprising though, because this man is one of the true legends in the industry. Time and time again he has stepped up to the plate to create hall-of-fame offerings such as the Perdomo Habano, Fresco, Special Craft Series Stout, Reserve Champagne Noir, and the Reserve 10th Anniversary, just to name a few. Not only does Perdomo cover every budget, but they also have cigars that range from mild to full, and are available in just about every size and shape imaginable.

Getting back to the sticker price, the outstanding Lot 23 Cigars are an absolute steal! These cigars started as experimental tobacco grown on a reserved lot on the plantation that Nick Perdomo designated just for this cigar. This special tobacco, consisting of a robust blend of premium long fillers and a thick spicy binder was cultivated in 2000 and it sure turned out to be quite the successful experiment.

Today, Lot 23 cigars are still being handmade on the family farm in Estelí, Nicaragua. the tobacco used for these beauties is planted in September, harvested in January, fermented for a year, and aged in bales for at least three years. For the final addition, a most flavorful wrapper leaf, available in either a medium-brown Connecticut or a darker Cuban-seed Maduro is applied.
Pre-light inspection shows off a nice golden brown color on the EMS and a very dark brown hue on the Maduro. Both varieties are solidly packed and glisten with an oily sheen.

The Connecticut-wrapped version provides medium-bodied flavors that are robust, spicy, and nutty with enjoyable notes of cedar, almond, and coffee. The cigar increases with intensity as it’s smoked, and the final third introduces a sweet caramel essence that lingers on the palate.

While writing this blog/review, I was puffing on the Perdomo Lot 23 Punta Gorda. This artistically shaped 5 x 60-maduro starts with a peppery zing that quickly gives way to luscious notes of espresso, coffee beans, almonds, and sweet spice. As many figurados do, this baby opened up at the halfway point and the dark, sweet, and spicy flavors simply exploded on the palate. The Punta Gorda remained complex, yummy, and very well-balanced right down to the final draw.

Light or dark, and I’ve smoked them all, The Perdomo Lot 23 cigars come highly recommended by yours truly, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable premium cigar at this price point. Read more on our Perdomo Lot 23 Cigar Review.


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