The Padron Series Cigar – An Affordable Beauty!

September 22, 2015

Steeped in rich in Cuban heritage, the ultra-premium Padron Cigars are regarded by many, as one of the finest, if not the very best brand on the planet, and that includes Cubans. I honestly don’t think I’ve met more than a handful of smokers in my 26- years in the biz that didn’t absolutely love them. What I have encountered quite often, are smokers that simply can’t afford them. That’s understandable, just like a fine wine, or fancy car, you get what you pay for. The Padron is a luxury cigar, with many line extensions including the 1964 Anniversary Series, the 1926 Series, the Family Reserve Cigars, and the Special Releases line that are extraordinary but can put a dent in your stogy allowance. for those on a budget, the core line, called the Padrón Series cigars are consistently delicious, reasonably priced, and a readily available smoke that still bears this renowned tobacco family’s marque.

Many years ago, before the company’s fame reached astronomical proportions, the Padron Series was the only cigar they produced, and the very first one that I tried. Quite honestly, if they stopped there, I would still be very impressed with the brand. No doubt that all of the great line extensions that followed are amazing, but that’s just a testimonial to how good they are.

On a side note, after all of these years of creating powerful Nicaraguan’s, they have introduced the Padron Damaso their first mild cigar, and the very first one that is not a puro. Damaso still employs Nicaraguan binder and filler, but this mellow beauty has a golden brown Connecticut wrapper.

But I digress …

The original Padrón Series line were introduced in 1964, and includes a diverse roster consisting of every size a smoker could imagine, all featured in both Natural and Maduro wrappers. A consistently highly rated cigar, the Series is made from select 2 ½ years’ aged Nicaraguan long fillers that come from quality, Cuban-seed tobacco. The Padron Series in both wrapper colors sports an oily and toothy Nicaraguan wrapper. The natural is quite dark, and at times, especially with dim lighting, it can be hard to tell them apart without closer inspection.
The No. 4000 Maduro my favorite size, is a well-packed 6.5 × 54 beauty. I recently revisited this gem for an up-to-date review.


You can immediately tell the 4000 has a lot of age to it, from its pungent, musky pre-light aroma. That seasoned bouquet, almost guarantees a great smoke. It also literally makes my mouth water.

Light Her Up!

Upon lighting, you don’t experience that initial blast of pepper that is common with many full bodied cigars. This one starts as it finishes- smooth as silk. I’m talking buttery, (melt in your mouth) smooth! Yet with all its velvety goodness, this big stick still displays a full-bodied profile. This amazing complexity is what sets Padron apart from much of the competition.


Throughout the smoke, layer upon layer of scrumptious cocoa, raisin, butterscotch, and dark chocolate flavors captivated my palate. I took many breaks just to savor the sweet warm aroma, and watch the firm white ash grow.

The Home Stretch

The same core flavors seemed to intensify as I was nearing the end, and a soothing dried fruit and sweet spice component entered the mix just as I was about to burn my thumb.
This may not be the most expensive or fanciest cigar in the illustrious Padrón lineup, but that signature taste still comes shining through with every puff.


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