Some Affordable High-End Cigar Humidors – Part 2

March 12, 2019

In our last blog we showed you some affordable high-end cigar humidors that really stand out in our huge inventory of cigar accessories, and, as promised, today we will look at some more. Every cigar humidor featured below is priced close to, or well below the $200 mark, yet they all look and perform like a much costlier unit.

Ashton Pearwood Small Humidor

Manufactured in Italy by the same folks that bring you some of the world’s finest ultra-premium cigars, the Ashton Pearwood Small Humidor is a real beauty with its light citrus hue, high gloss finish, and clean contemporary styling. The combination of a perfectly aged, kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior and a top-quality humidification unit and hygrometer affords you a very stylish and dependable way to store up to 25 of your favorite premium cigars. The Pearwood is also available in a large size with a capacity of 100.

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Neo-Classic Cigar Humidor

The Neo-Classic Cigar Humidor boasts the classic lines and timeless beauty of Mediterranean design with its Mahogany and Cambodian Rosewood finish accented with two metal pillars on both sides. Capable of storing up to 25 cigars in its premium quality Spanish cedar lined interior, the Neo-Classic also features a cigar humidifier, internal hygrometer, and a brass lock and key. More than just a highly functional, airtight cigar humidor, the Neo-Classic is an heirloom quality piece of furniture that will add a touch of luxury to any room’s décor.

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Esplanade Cigar Humidor

Dressed to impress the most discerning aficionados, the Esplanade Cigar Humidor is adorned in a rare Mapa Burl grain finish with a beveled glass top, that makes a stunning display on the desktop, tabletop, or bookcase. Lined with the best fully aged kiln-dried Spanish cedar, this 30-count masterpiece also features a second level tray and divider, a powerful cigar humidifier, and an external hygrometer that allows you to check humidity levels without opening the top lid.

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Old-World Cigar Humidor

Providing room for up to 25 of your favorite premium cigars, the gorgeous Old-World Cigar Humidor features a high-quality walnut finish decorated with an old-world map veneer. It’s Spanish cedar-lined with a felt bottom and includes a humidifier, a gold-toned glass analog hygrometer, and a cedar tray with divider. SureSeal® technology ensures that the lid closes properly each time to protect and keep your smokes fresh.  An elegant addition to any home, office, or cigar den décor, this affordable cigar humidor only looks very expensive

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San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor

Perfect for larger collections, the tropical themed San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor will keep up to 200 of your favorite premium cigars perfectly fresh while looking simply stunning in any smoking environment. The San Tropez features SureSeal® technology, a tray with divider, 2 bottom dividers, lock & key, a powerful humidifier, and an accurate glass hygrometer. In addition, it incorporates the finest kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining to enhance your cigars flavors while promoting further aging. The heirloom-worthy San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor is a masterpiece of design and functionality that you’ll be proud to own and display.

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Display Humidor

The gorgeous Display Humidor is the perfect storage device for hobbyists looking to display their premium cigar collection. Capable of holding 75 or more cigars (depending on size), this stunning unit has an elegant dark mahogany finish that contrasts strikingly with its four-sided glass exterior that allows you to view your smokes from all angles. the Display is lined with the best kiln-dried Spanish cedar to ensure proper aging of your favorite cigars and includes a lock and key set, hygrometer, humidifier, and three adjustable trays so you can separate your brands.

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Medici Humidor

For those looking to store and age up to 400 cigars, the Medici Humidor is an unbeatable value! Boasting a simple yet elegant rectangular design in a rich walnut finish, the Medici Cigar comes with pull-out trays and dividers all comprised of premium kiln dried Spanish cedar, the preferred method of storing and aging your cigars. With two large lid mountable humidifiers and a very accurate hygrometer, this cigar humidor does a top-notch job of keeping your smokes at the perfect relative humidity levels so that they are always fresh and ready to smoke. A humidor with this much quality, refinement, and storage capacity usually comes with a hefty price tag, making the Medici best in its class of affordable high-end cigar humidors.

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With our huge assortment of affordable high-end cigar humidors, we could easily do a part 3, however, this is a great place start.  However, we encourage you to check out our humungous selection of Cigar Humidors right here on the JR website and find the perfect one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and storage capacity needs.


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