Some Affordable High-End Cigar Humidors – Part 1

March 8, 2019

A cigar humidor is vital to keeping your favorite premium cigars fresh. You’ll find hundreds of humidors in all price ranges right here at JR, but today we look at some affordable high-end cigar humidors that look and perform like they cost a fortune!

Prestige Rockefeller Cigar Humidor

The Prestige Rockefeller Cigar Humidor looks as rich as its name would imply.  With contemporary Italian design that adds a touch of elegance to home, office or cigar dens décor, the premium Prestige features a rich black mahogany wood finish that contrasts strikingly against its silver accents. The chrome plated pull and internal locking hinges coupled with its matching silver polished humidifiers and chrome plated external glass hygrometer, further complement the Prestige’s luxury appearance. This superb humidor is fully lined with the best kiln-dried Spanish cedar, includes an adjustable divider and holds up to 100 of your favorite premium pleasures. An entirely distinctive look in a cigar humidor at a price that can’t be beat!

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Cuban Wheel by Don Salvatore

Boasting one of the most distinct and attractive humidor designs available on the market, the 100 count Cuban Wheel by Don Salvatore cigar humidor features a hexagonal shape with a tempered glass window on its face. Designed after an ornate style of old Cuban packaging, your stored premium handmade cigars will always look freshly rolled and very appealing to the eyes. Created with rare Cambodian Rosewood, often used on very high-end furniture and musical instruments, this wood is highly regarded for its stunning grain pattern and stunning reddish hue. The cedar lined Cuban Wheel is equipped with a humidifier, an analog hygrometer, and a gold-plated lock and key.

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Currency Ebony Cigar Humidors

The Currency Ebony Cigar Humidors are simply stunning storage devices featured in two styles that boast a high-lacquer ebony wood finish with your choice of either contrasting yellow or green wood inlays. The yellow model has a 50-count and 175-count capacity, and the green stores up to 25. The interior lining on both models consists of premium Spanish cedar with airflow grates to help your humidification reach its maximum potential by surrounding every cigar. The Currency comes equipped with top-quality humidification and hygrometer in the package, so you won’t have to spend needless time buying these vital accessories.

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New York Cigar Humidor

Paying homage to the “Big Apple” with its eye-catching design, the New York Cigar Humidor is a truly gorgeous way to store and age up to 150 of your beloved premium cigars. Featuring a high-lacquer finish surrounding a stunning hand designed inlay, inside the New York cigar humidor you’ll find the best kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior along with a premium humidification system and hygrometer. This visually stunning humidor will add style and sophistication to any room’s décor.

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Palermo Cigar Humidor

The Palermo Cigar Humidor is perfect those who demand the finest and best-looking storage solution for their larger collection of cigars. This gorgeous piece of furniture features a tempered beveled glass top, three Spanish Cedar drawers with 1 Divider in each, gold plated handles and 3 drawer pulls, and an interior lined with the finest aged Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar.  Scratch resistant felt lined bottom assures you will never damage any surface. Capable of holding up to 150 cigars, an engravable brass nameplate allows you to make this beauty your very own personal humidor.

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All priced well below the $200 mark, and a few below $100, we think these high-end beauties rival the quality and looks of cigar humidors costing nearly double! We have so many more “Affordable High-End Cigar Humidors” in our massive inventory that in our next blog we will be showing off some more of these low-cost high-end beauties – so stay tuned!


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