Opus X: The Pinnacle of Cigar Smoking Perfection

May 21, 2019

If you are looking for one the most popular ultra-premium cigars ever made, produced by one of the most famous cigar families in the industry, you found it right here with the amazing Opus X from Arturo Fuente. The Opus X holds the distinction of being the first ever Dominican Puro, which at the time was quite an accomplishment with the Dominican wrapper being so difficult to grow.  After some trial and error, the highly-skilled tobacco experts at Fuente successfully harvested a seamless, incredibly oily Rosado wrapper and placed it on top of rare 5-years aged binder and filler tobaccos grown at the company’s legendary Château de la Fuente farm in the Dominican Republic. Thus, the Opus X cigar was born.

First released in November of 1995, Opus X was made available to a just a few Manhattan retailers, and thanks to word of mouth, long lines formed outside of their doors. Customers could buy only individual cigars at this time because the elegant artwork for the boxes was still in the production phase.  Then in early 1996, when this local phenom became boxed and available everywhere, the cigar quickly caught on like wildfire and received rave reviews from the cigar smoking community, along with tons of top-ratings from industry experts. Today, 23-years later, and with a lot more competition from rival brands, the Opus X still flies off cigar store shelves throughout the country within a day or two of arriving in stock!

What makes Opus X cigars so desirable? To start with, one roller is assigned to produce only one size, and each roller produces just 100 to 150 cigars a day to assure the utmost in quality, consistency, and taste. The fact that they are made in such small quantities, as compared to other brands, always keeps Opus X cigars in high demand and very short supply.

By using these deeply aged Dominican tobaccos, Opus X provides a full-bodied cigar that’s so smooth on the palate that the strength can really sneak up on you, to the point where less experienced smokers may find themselves feeling slightly dizzy by the midway point if they try to tackle it on an empty stomach. However, after a large sumptuous meal, perhaps followed by dessert, or maybe an adult beverage or two, smokers of all experience levels will be dazzled by its ever-revolving medley of spice, pepper, earth, and softer nuances of cinnamon, cedar, and vanilla. In fact, it’s so ultra- complex, that many cigar enthusiasts find themselves totally entranced while waiting for the next compelling flavor to become the dominant top-note. We can’t think of many other high-end premium cigars that can intensely hold your interest from beginning to end as the famous Opus X will.

So much more than just another well-made, great tasting stick, Opus X is the pinnacle of cigar smoking perfection that every serious cigar aficionado owes to themselves to try.

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