New Cigars for November

November 11, 2019

New Cigars for November

With November in full swing, cigar smokers have a lot to be thankful for.  This year not only saw several new brands being released but several highly anticipated cigars.  This month, we are pleased to announce the arrival of five new cigars that have been the talk of the town since they were announced.


The Cabañas brand is one of the oldest Cuban brands since existence, being founded back in 1810.  This year, the team at JR worked for hand in hand with legendary manufacturer Don Pepin Garcia of My Father fame to bring this brand back to life.

The new Cabañas is an exclusive release for our site.  It is hand-crafted at the My Father factory, deep in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a dual binder, with leaves from Esteli and Jalapa giving it a rich and complex center.

The finishing touch is the stunning, reddish-brown Habano Rosado wrapper.  This leaf is almost identical to the one used on the original My Father line. It adds in wonderful notes of molasses, nuts, coffee and a dash of spice.

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Montecristo Cincuenta

This year marked the 50th Anniversary of Tabacalera de Garcia.  Located in La Romana, Dominican Republic, the factory has been home to the AUSA blending team, known as the Grupo de Maestros. They are responsible for nearly all the top Dominican cigars from Montecristo, H. Upmann, and Romeo y Julieta.

To celebrate this tremendous milestone, the company released a new, high-end Montecristo, known as the Cincuenta. In terms of flavor, construction and balance, this is one of the finest cigars released this year.  It uses Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler followed by a flawless Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

Keeping in line with limited-edition releases from Cuba, the Montecristo Cincuenta is also available in a  beautiful, limited-edition Elle Blue humidor.  However, if that is out of your price range, this stunning toro is available in simple boxes of 10.

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H.Upmann Hispaniola

What a big year for the H.Upmann brand!  The two huge, successful releases have brought H.Upmann back to the forefront of the cigar industry.  The H.Upmann 175th is already being talked about for cigar of the year, and I’ll admit might have my vote.  However, the H.Upmann Hispaniola will have, I believe an even bigger impact.

The Hispaniola is named for the island that is home to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  It uses tobacco grown by the famous Mendez family, the first family of Dominican tobacco.

Its unique combination of tobaccos, as well as a top-notch Ecuadorian wrapper, makes this a popular H.Upmann cigar to date.  It is complex, flavorful, well-constructed, and has a solid, mid-range price point.  I expect the Hispaniola to be one of the best-selling cigars of the year.

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Oscar Valladares Wild Hunter

Oscar Valladares is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in the industry and is bringing Honduran cigars back to the forefront of the industry.  His work with the Leaf by Series skyrocketed him to the top of the cigar charts, and this year saw him releasing two, highly anticipated brands.

The Wild Hunter came to fruition after Oscar met many of his customers and realized how many of them were avid hunters.  It is available in two different wrapper varieties.  There is a toothy and zesty Honduran wrapper from the Copan region and a dark, rich Oscuro wrapper with notes of chocolate, earth, and nuts.

The Wild Hunter comes packaged in boxes of 20, with each box decked out in camo, keeping with the hunter theme.  While both cigars are incredible, my preference makes me lean toward the Maduro.


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Joya de Nicaragua Antano

The Joya de Nicaragua Antano has always been known as one of the top, full-bodied Nicaraguan cigars in the business.  Taking that reputation but adding a smooth creamy Connecticut wrapper was a long shot, but it worked perfectly.

The Antano Connecticut is one of my favorite Connecticut cigars, not just this year, but ever.  It combines the rich, intense flavor of the Antano line with a mellow creamy and flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

It tops the charts in terms of flavor, strength, price, and construction.  This is not just a great cigar for a beginner, but for any cigar smoker who appreciates a flavorful, well-made cigar.

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