Foundation The Upsetters Cigar— A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Smoke!

February 14, 2017

Founder and master blender, Nicholas Melillo has certainly taken the premium cigar industry by storm with his awesome line of Foundation cigars. Using the finest aged tobaccos and top-quality wrappers, Melillo merges old world traditions with modern day style and character to create unique blends that will appeal to both contemporary and veteran enthusiasts alike.


A man never content to rest on his laurels (or Hardy’s), this stogie maestro has created a blend so unique we guarantee you have never seen or tasted anything like it!  Foundation The Upsetters, the company’s first infused cigar, contains a premium blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos paired with rare cow tongue leaf grown in Jamaica. Cow tongue leaf? We will explain. Indigenous to Jamaica, this varietal called cow tongue, or silver tongue, grows wild in the island’s fertile, volcanic soil, and locals use it to make a powerful mixture normally smoked in pipes. The fact that Melillo decided to use this uncommon leaf in a cigar blend is a testimony to his amazing knowledge of tobacco and his extraordinary blending skills. This exotic recipe doesn’t end here, for to further enhance the complexity, balance, and to create a flavor unlike any other, a special Caribbean herbal process established thousands of years ago is infused into each Upsetters cigar.


The Foundation The Upsetters cigar has a leathery medium brown shade wrapper with some notable oils. The pre-light nose has a floral and slightly minty quality from the infusion process. Unlike many other infused cigars that tend to be top heavy with herbs and botanicals— this one leans more towards tobacco flavors.  Once lit, toast, earth, citrus, and sweet tea, with hints of pepper and honey combine for very intriguing medium body smoke.


In summary, this may not be the best choice for those that prefer the more mainstream blends, but for fans of infused cigars and those looking for some adventure; Foundation The Upsetters is a superb one-of-a kind brand that you simply must try.



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