Felon Cigars – A Real Steal

January 12, 2017

Those looking for a good everyday smoke at a very affordable price will love the Felon Cigars. Although mixed filler in nature, these sticks come seamlessly crafted and smoke just as slow and even as many of our best premium long fillers. And, by using leftover premium tobaccos from some of the world’s finest Honduran cigars, you can always count on a very tasty smoke. Felon cigars are available in both EMS, and Maduro wrappers. The lighter wrapped Felon displays a leaf that is medium brown in color with a slightly reddish hue, while the Maduro uses a thick dark brown leaf with an oily satin feel.  Both variations are firm, densely packed, have minimal veins and tight, almost invisible seams. On appearance alone, you will be hard-pressed to believe that you are smoking a mixed filler cigar, but it only gets better!

First light reveals an effortless draw with potent peppery flavor that quickly gives way to a fragrant bouquet of spice, earth, leather, and nut flavors. A long finish introduces some sweet caramel notes that linger on the palate. Most mixed filler sticks become harsh at the halfway point, but this baby held its balance and complexity right down to the nub!

Felon, available in bundles of 20, and presented in four popular big ring sizes, is a solid medium to full body cigar that will be your perfect companion on the golf course, a fishing trip, or just adding some pleasure to the arduous task of mowing your lawn.

A real steal, Felon is a top-notch cigar that only looks and tastes expensive. Lock some up in your humidor as soon as you can!


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