El Rey del Mundo Rectangulare – The Very First Box Pressed Cigar in America

November 10, 2015

The box-pressed shape (sometimes called square press, trunk press, or cuadrado) became very popular with American smokers in the mid to late 1990’s, yet they were commonplace in Cuba for many decades.
In fact, the box-pressed shape was originally a product of efficiency rather than a style of smoke. To save space, cigar manufacturers in Cuba used to pack cigars very tightly in wooden boxes for shipment. They’d eventually take on the shape of the box, hence, the moniker was born.

To achieve the box-pressed shape, manufacturers use a few different techniques. One involves packing freshly rolled cigars into square molds. Another technique is to shape the cigars with a wooden trunk press for up to several hours, and then quickly pack them into boxes so they retain their shape.

Hundreds of cigar brands now employ the box-pressed shape on either all of their smokes, a few sizes, or a dedicated line extension. Some of the most noted being Oliva Serie G, Maria Mancini, the top rated Alec Bradley Prensado , Jericho Hill, Punch Rare Corojo, New World by A.J. Fernandez, and the famous Padron 1964 Anniversary Series, to name a few.

So what are the advantages of smoking a square or box pressed cigar?

This shape has several benefits. Generally, these cigars will burn a bit longer, and the process flattens out the filler, almost assuring that every single cigar will be free of plugs, and have a very airy draw. Some say they retain more flavor than a standard parejo but this notion is unproven.

Lastly, if you just happen to be on a tuna-fishing vessel deep in the Baltic Sea, and you are below deck during choppy waters, your stogy (if square pressed) won’t roll off the dinner table! … A problem I am sure many of you have encountered.

The El Rey del Mundo Rectangulare was the very first box pressed cigar re-introduced to the American market since the Cuban Embargo, so I decided to pay this classic smoke another visit.

Under the stewardship of Señor Padrón one of the most accomplished purveyors of Havana style cigars, the El Rey del Mundo brand ranks among the best cigars ever made in terms of quality, consistency and flavor.
The Rectangulares is a square pressed cigar with a length and ring gauge of 5.62 x 45 and comes wrapped in tissue paper to replicate an old Cuban method of packing before the advent of cellophane.

First introduced to the American Market in 1992, this Corona Gorda starts with a gorgeous reddish brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. Resting underneath is choice, aged, Honduran binder and filler tobaccos. I smoked the EMS version, but a Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro wrapper is also available for those who prefer a zestier maduro.

The Rectangulare had an outstanding draw, with balanced and intricate flavors of earth, spice, leather, cedar, and dark roast coffee that remained consistent right down to the nub. If you want to enhance the smoking experience, I would pair this beauty with a fine Port, Single Malt Scotch, or if you prefer to stay sober, an ice-cold glass of chocolate milk and a Ring Ding.

Every bit as delicious as it was several years ago, the lush Cuban style flavors made me wonder why I waited so long to have another.

If you enjoy full-bodied taste that is reminiscent of a classic pre-embargo Habano, then I would advise you to put the El Rey Del Mundo Rectangulares in your daily rotation – I know I will (again)!


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