Eiroa Jamastran Cigar Review

October 15, 2019

The Eiroa family has been the kings of Honduras for as long as I can remember. Christian changed the game when he helmed Camacho and has continued to produce top-notch Honduran cigars under the Eiroa and CLE brand names.  While Honduran cigars have never really been in my wheelhouse, I always liked and appreciated the Eiroa line for their complexity and quality.  Now, Christian has released what I believe to be one of his best blends yet.


The Eiroa Jamastran was released this year to much anticipation.  Right off the bat, it gives me nostalgia of when the Eiroa family-owned Camacho.  The triangular box reminds me of the year limited Camacho Diploma.  It is handcrafted at Christians El Aladino factory in the heart of Danli, Honduras.  The cigar takes its name from the famous Jamastran Valley, one of the legendary growing regions of Honduras. Its filler, binder, and wrapper are made up entirely of tobaccos from the Jamastran Valley.


This Honduran puro is an ever-changing flavor machine.  It starts of earthy, but transitions to notes of cream, dark coffee, and nuts.  There is a subtle touch of citrus to it which I don’t usually find in a Honduran cigar.  It is a solid medium body and like every medium body, the cigar should be it’s complex and nuanced.


While the Jamastran is being rolled into two different sizes, only one will be available to the general public. The exclusive 11/18 size will only be given to TAA stores.    The Robusto size will be found on shelves around the country including right here at JR Cigars. Pick up your box of the Eiroa Jamastran today and taste what a Honduran cigar should taste like.

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