La Jugada Prieto Cigar Review: Moya & Ruiz Strike Again!

October 6, 2016

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What do you get when you combine top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos and a deep, dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper leaf? In this cigar-review video, JR’s #CIGARchitect Nick Libretti answers that question: the La Jugada Prieto line of premium handmade cigars by MoyaRuiz. Starting out with a bold-bodied bang, the La Jugado Prieto offers hearty hints of coffee up until its sweet and satisfying finish–and speaking of coffee, any smoke from the La Jugada Prieto lineup of premium handmade cigars makes a compelling complement to a hot cup of joe. So why not turn a bland coffee break into a bold cigar celebration by ordering a box online now from JRCIGARS.COM?


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