Gurkha Royal Challenge: The #CIGARchitect Goes Gurkha!

October 5, 2016

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In this cigar-review video, JR’s Nick Libretti takes on a challenge–the Gurkha Royal Challenge, that is. Light up with Nick as he reveals the regal recipe of this mild, smooth, and lavish handmade premium cigar by the famed K. Hansotia. With just a hint of subtle spice, the Gurkha Royal Challenge line of premium cigars is less robust than it is relaxing, and more balanced than it is bold, making it an elegant yet understated option for all kinds of cigar fans looking for luxury. Carefully constructed in five popular cigar sizes packed in artfully crafted boxes that are masterpieces in themselves, the Gurkha Royal Challenge line of handmade premium cigars is available for purchase online at JRCIGARS.COM.


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