Crafted by Oliva Maduro Cigar Review

July 12, 2022

Crafted by Oliva Maduro

When you smoke or buy a cigar from Oliva cigars, you’re investing in an extensive portfolio with highly-rated blends. With that and that alone, it only made sense that we here at JR Cigars had to make an exclusive smoke with this prestigious blend.

Cigar Specs

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan Habano

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Smoke Time: 65-85 Minutes (depending on the size)

Sizes Available:

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First Third Impressions

This Nicaraguan Puro has scrumptious Habano seed tobacco that makes up the binder and filler. With the addition of the Habano seed, some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this gem are chocolate and cocoa, which appear heavily in the first third.

Second Third Impressions

As you make your way to the second third, the chocolate notes remain while cocoa disappears ever so slightly. Toasted nuts and red pepper flakes make an appearance in this second third, balancing with the chocolate extremely well.

Final Third Impressions

When the final third comes around, two remaining flavor notes that are a step above the rest are chocolate and toasted nuts. A hint of the cocoa makes one last push to be seen, but the chocolate remains the dominant flavor throughout.

Pairing Options

If you’re looking for a beverage to pair alongside the Crafted by Oliva Maduro, I’d chose a port wine and a piece of dark chocolate. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to pair, I’d go with a French-roasted coffee with no cream or sugar.

Final Thoughts

Available in three popular sizes, that all arrive in a pack of 5 for $31.00, or a box of 20 for $121.00, the Crafted by Oliva averages out to be $5.50-$6.00 for one single cigar. That’s an amazing price for any cigar, but for an Oliva, that’s a steal and a half!

If you’re looking for a classic Nicaraguan puro to add to your humidor, then the Crafted by Oliva is the one for you!


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