Boneshaker Cigars Review

June 30, 2022

Earth quaking, cartilage clattering, and most certainly bone-shaking, we’re going under the microscope to give a full diagnostic of the Boneshaker brand and its notoriously strong smokes.

Hand-made at the famed NACSA factory in Nicaragua, the skull-banded Boneshaker cigars live up to their name thanks to their full-bodied character and dark vibe. Hand-rolled with oily Maduro wrappers, their dark brown or black exterior can scare off less seasoned smokers.

Although these powerhouse stogies aren’t for the faint of heart, their blends of perfectly aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos are balanced and ooze with an array of diverse flavor notes from the tangy spice, to cayenne pepper and leather.

Best of all, these gothic beauties are also very affordably priced. Here’s a closer look at some of JR Cigars’ favorite Boneshaker cigars.

Boneshaker Cigar Review

We start our journey with the original Boneshaker blend. Not one for the faint of heart, the Boneshaker Cigar is designed to light the fire of full-bodied enthusiasts. Tobacco leaves from the fertile volcanic soils of Nicaragua are concealed by a dark and chewy Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. It’s the rich soil that gives Nicaraguan tobacco its distinctive character of spicy, strong, and rustic notes.

These notes are evident once you’ve lit up and are hit with the heavy taste of earth, and a flurry of dark chocolate, oak, and cinnamon. The dark chocolate has a cultured bitterness to it, while a pinch of cayenne pepper sits on the tongue.

The Boneshaker Mace (4.50 x 60) is ideal when you don’t have the time for a long stick. Pick up a box of 20 for $85.40 from JR Cigars today.

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Boneshaker Boneyard Cigar Review

The knock-your-socks-off follow-up to the original Boneshaker blend is perfect after a hearty meal or when paired with a strong beer. Incredibly bold yet exceptionally refined, this bombastic Nicaraguan Puro uses Cuban seed tobaccos for the filler.

Brace yourself for an overgenerous smoke output and intensely luscious flavors of white pepper, earth, charred wood, and espresso.

The Boneshaker Boneyard is available in four popular vitolas, with a box of 20 Toros costing just $89.55.

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Boneshaker Tombstone Cigar Review

The third release in the Boneshaker Series, the Boneshaker Tombstone is anything but a somber affair. It showcases a stunning, ebony-colored Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper glinting with oil. Blended by the one and only AJ Fernandez, its full-strength profile comes to life with a binder and fillers from Nicaragua.

An essential addition to the list of heady cigar diehards, its tombstone tells a story of chocolate, and red pepper, with a sweetness on the back of the palate, namely caramel, leather, and cocoa.

Get a box of 20 (size 6 x 60) for the drop-dead price of $121.85 from JRcigars.

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Boneshaker Full Body Cast Review

Another smoke best suited for stabilizing the palate of experienced smokers, the Boneshaker Full Body Cast is a complex flavor bomb that packs a real punch. A full-body cast may imply significant discomfort, but the power of the blend and its exciting transitions keep the taste buds contracting.

Cloaked in an exquisite, coffee bean brown Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed wrapper cast over a USA Connecticut Broadleaf binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Not only is it immaculately constructed, but it has a brilliant draw from foot to cap.

There’s no let-up on the tangy spice as you burn your way down the stick. While black pepper and leather are also thrown into the mix, this dynamo still squeezes the sweet spot with booms of vanilla, chocolate, and orange oil.

Easy on the wallet, a 10-pack of the Morning Star vitolas will only set you back a total of $44.90.

There’s no hiding from it. Boneshaker cigars are super strong, but that shouldn’t detract from their symphony of potent, delicious flavors. Definitely not a brand for newcomers to roll bones with, we suggest sipping on a can of coke or similar ice-cold drink while you enjoy your smoke. The sugar will counteract the heavy nicotine, allowing you to enjoy your Boneshaker cigar to the full.

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