Long Ash Podcast Ep.134: Halloween Special

Happy Halloween you gabba-ghouls and ghosts alike, this week on episode 134, Rambo Libretti and Secret Chris Flintstone celebrate Halloween with a Monster-Mash of Cigars with some spooktacular smokes from Tatuaje’s 2021 Monster-Mash release. From favorite horror films, Trick or treating stories, and candy polls, Nick and Chris will entertain you to the grave in this special Halloween episode of the Long Ash Podcast. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP. 133: Sparkling or Still

On Episode 133 of the Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Secret Chris discuss their dislike for sparkling water but first, let's get revved up for the start of top 25 cigars of 2022! Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP. 132: Livin’ Ligero Loco

Secret smokes from Crowned Heads. Personal Goals to meet by Christmas, and fantasy football pride is on the line. All that and more on a new episode of the Long Ash Podcast. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP.131: Peppers are Dangerous

It’s been a long week and Nick and Chris are feeling the change in this week's episode of The Long Ash Podcast. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP.130: Fall Back

With the ongoing news of Ace Prime and Crowned Heads parting ways, new stories are beginning to surface from legal defamation clauses, product shipment methods, and more in this bizarre “who said what” battle. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP. 129: Heating Up

Did someone say drama? From the current affairs surrounding a specific cigar brand and their distribution practices to Arturo Fuente releasing two limited print run coffee table books that you will not believe the price of, Nick and Chris have the hot take on this week’s episode of The Long Ash Podcast. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP. 128: Pure Origin with Davide Moro

Nick is joined by JR CEO Davide Moro to discuss cigar culture, future visions of the industry, and the release of Grand Volcano, the first release from JR’s new Pure Origin line. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP.127: Back on the Tube!

Nick and Secret Chris are back on the Tube...YouTube that is! They talk about cigar etiquette for visiting a cigar lounge while they enjoy the Casa Magna Liga F from Quesada Cigars. Read More

The Long Ash Podcast Ep. 126 The Long Ash Philosophy ft. Michael Herklots

Michael Herklots of Ferio Tego joins Nick Libretti in the studio for this special episode of the Long Ash Podcast. Read More

Long Ash Podcast EP. 125 NFT???

Nick and Secret Chris examine NFT culture and try to understand what this whole new wave is all about. Listen now! Read More

Long Ash Podcast: One Fine Day in Connecticut

Nick and Chris took a trip to Connecticut to hang out with Drew Estate and eat some amazing pizza with the legendary Nick Melillo. Read More

Long Ash Podcast: Recapping Our Miami Trip!

Nick and Greg recap their trip to Miami. They met up with people from Drew Estate, Aganorsa Leaf, AUSA, and more! We hope you enjoy! Read More

Blind Taste Test: Crowned Heads Edition

Nick and Greg are back at it again with another Blind Taste Test! This time, they try to guess which cigars are which from the ever-so popular Crowned Heads! Read More

Long Ash Podcast: Testing Cigars with Travis Pappenheim

Today on the Long Ash Podcast, we sit down with Travis Pappenheim, the National Education Manager from Altadis to go through the process of testing cigars. Read More

Long Ash Podcast: Pledge by E.P. Carrillo

We are elated to announce that the 2020 Number One Cigar of the Year from Cigar Aficionado, The Pledge by EP Carrillo is finally available at JR! Read More

Long Ash Podcast: Our Thoughts on Dominican Cigars

Nick and Greg smoke two separate cigars using tobacco from the Dominican Republic all while giving their input on the tobacco that hails from the DR. Read More

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