Cigar Lounge Etiquette

September 19, 2019

Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Cigar lounges have long been a place for members of the cigar community to sit together, relax, and bond over their shared passion for the cigars.  Conversations range from what they are smoking to drinks to sports and current events.

A cigar lounge is a welcome place for any and all who wish to enjoy a fine cigar and sit with like-minded individuals.  While the community is incredibly welcoming and understanding, there is some cigar lounge etiquette that newcomers should abide by.

It is not a matter of tradition, but more of respect for both the other members and for the lounge itself.

The First Rule

First and foremost, cigar etiquette dictates that you should be smoking a cigar in the cigar lounge.  This may sound obvious, but cigar lounges can be filled with cigarette and vape smokers looking for a place to smoke and drink.

Make sure you are in fact smoking cigars if you want to be a proper member of the cigar lounge.  It is a sign of disrespect for the people who pay lounge fees and buy expensive premium cigars for someone to just walk in and blow vape clouds in their face, so try and stick to cigars only.

Pay Respects to the Lounge

When it comes to what cigars you should smoke that is a personal preference and if you are a member of a lounge that does not also have a store then obviously you can bring and smoke whichever cigar your heart desires.

However, if the lounge is part of a brick and mortar cigar store, it is proper cigar etiquette to purchase at least one or two cigars from that shop.  This doesn’t go for a cigar bar with a limited selection of marked up cigars.

They do not need to be expensive, nor do you only have to smoke those specific cigars, but it is respectful to show a little love to the shop that is hosting you.

Stick To Your Own Cigar

Premium cigars are not a cheaply made tobacco product like a cigarette and they should be treated as such. The cigar lounge is not the place to ask for a puff of someone else’s cigar.

Besides being disgusting and a potential health issue, it ruins the intended experience of the cigar for both parties, so make sure you are just sticking to your own cigars.

Keep Your Smoking Area Clean

Cigar etiquette dictates that you keep a clean area.  Cigar smokers understand that cigar ash has a tendency to get everywhere, however, if your cigar lounge is stocked with the appropriate amount of ashtrays, it is easy to make sure to ash directly into an ashtray.

Countless people have been seen not only ashing their cigars directly on the floor but also leaving half-smoked cigars on tables or benches.

Make sure to show respect to the lounge and its employees as well as other members by discarding your cigars properly after you are finished.  If you are a beginner, you can refer to our previous article on how to properly put out your cigar.

Come Prepared

While a new smoker may not have of the required accessories, it is proper cigar etiquette to bring your own lighter and cutter.  While the lounge often provides these accessories, it can be considered rude to ask other members for a cutter or lighter.

Again, for a new cigar smoker, it is fine, but when it becomes a habit many will see this as a slight violation of the traditional etiquette.  Lighters and cutters can be inexpensive, so make sure to come to the cigar lounge prepared.  You can find a wide range of cigar accessories right here.

Also, if you must borrow someone’s cutter, do not lick your cigar beforehand.  This is seen as the ultimate taboo and will infuriate most if not all seasoned cigar smokers.

Watch Where You Blow Your Smoke

While a cigar lounge can be a rather smoky environment, especially an older lounge with an out of date ventilation system, it is proper cigar etiquette to blow your smoke away from people.

If you are sitting with other smokers, do not simply blow your smoke directly into their face, this is another taboo move that can be seen as disrespectful.

In Conclusion

This may seem like an extensive list and to be honest there are several more.  However, after reading through you can see these are all simple objectives that are more about showing respect to your fellow cigar smokers and to the lounge, so following these rules goes a long way to be an accepted member of the cigar community.


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