What is a Torch Lighter

June 24, 2019

When it comes to lighting a cigar, your best option is always to use a torch lighter.  Paper matches always go out and a regular, gas lighter can leave a nasty taste and is also not viable in the wind. A torch lighter is strong, burns hot, is windproof and is very easy to maintain.  Within the cigar industry, a torch lighter has become an integral part of the cigar smokers tool kit. So, if you’re wondering what is a torch lighter, what makes them so effective, and what are some of the best torch lighters available… here you’ll find the answers!

A torch lighter uses a different type of fuel then your typical gas lighter.  A torch lighter uses butane fuel as opposed to ordinary lighter fluid.  By using butane, this causes the lighter to burn much hotter, reaching temperatures of up to 2,500° F.  It is easily recognizable by its bright blue flame.  The strength and heat of the flame make it perfect for lighting a cigar because it will burn hot enough to light the cigar evenly and quickly.  It also is not as vulnerable to wind.

Companies such as Xikar and Colibri are industry standards when it comes to torch lighters.  The Xikar Turismo is a very effective torch lighter, using two flames for a hotter and even more even burn.  Among the best single flame lighters would be the Colibri Daytona, which also has a clear window fuel gauge so you can see how much fuel you need.

A solid torch light is necessary to have the optimal smoking experience and we have a full line of the best torch lighters right here at JR Cigars.



Xikar Turismo


Colibri Daytona



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