Casa Fuente reopens

November 12, 2014

If you are looking for a place to smoke in Vegas, you can go back to Casa Fuente.  The  upscale cigar bar located on the strip has reopened.  Casa Fuente is in the Shops at Caesars and the mall is undergoing a lot of construction.  The bar has had some troubles  back in April, when patrons were barred from smoking on the patio. (The entire mall is enclosed and people objected to the smokers outside of the shop while they sipped mojitos.) A few months later, Casa Fuente was allowed to resume the smoking on the patio—probably because of all of the construction around it.  Then in October, Casa Fuente closed for fast remodeling (the goal was to be open before this past weekend’s Big Smoke).  Some changes were made to allow for more tables inside the bar.  But by the time of this past weekend’s Big Smoke, the bar was back in business (although just barely in that it opened Thursday afternoon.) The long term plans call for enclosing the patio so smokers can enjoy cigars and cocktails without any hassles.  A fountain is going in next door to Casa Fuente and you’ll be able to watch it while you smoke.  In the meantime, Casa Fuente is still on the second floor of the Shops, but it is kinda hidden behind construction.  Keep looking and you’ll find it.


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