CAO Premium Pipe Tobacco

July 5, 2019

What is now considered one of the best-selling lines of premium handmade cigars, CAO actually began as a pipe company based out of Nashville Tennessee. For many years, they were the premier importer of top-quality hand-carved Turkish meerschaum pipes to the US. In fact, CAO continued to make pipes and pipe tobaccos exclusively until 1992. Today alongside their ever-growing lineup of handmade cigars, CAO once again manufactures high-end pipe tobaccos using the same skillful blending techniques used in their enormously popular  Flavours line of cigars, albeit with American strains of tobacco best suited for the pipe smoking experience.

CAO Moontrance pipe tobacco, the company’s first current offering, uses a  blend of premium Virginias and silky black Cavendish tobaccos infused with the essences of exotic fruits and finished with the addition of costly Bourbon vanilla from the island of Madagascar. The smoke is mellow to medium body in strength and reveals a slightly spicy and sweet complexity with a heavenly aroma reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. This magnificently fragrant pipe tobacco led to the creation of Bella Vanilla, Cherrybomb, and Eileen’s Dream, three more scrumptious blends sold in affordable airtight 1.76 oz. tins.

CAO Bella Vanilla pipe tobacco is composed of sweet Virginias and smooth black Cavendish, generously infused with the warm, mellow flavor of costly Madagascar vanilla, Bella Vanilla is a scrumptious premium blend that will keep you coming back for more!

CAO Cherrybomb premium pipe tobacco is a mellow, extremely aromatic blend of Black Cavendish and gold Virginia’s generously infused with mouthwatering black cherry and creamy vanilla. This smooth, highly fragrant pipe tobacco is one of the few cherry blends that you can smoke all day without it biting the tongue or becoming overbearing.

The most complex of all CAO pipe tobacco blends, Eileen’s Dream begins with a base of aged Virginia and black cavendish tobaccos. Then these fine leaves are infused with heavy cream that’s been laced with premium Irish whiskey, coconut milk, hazelnut, almonds, cocoa, and vanilla extracts. Eileen’s Dream offers distinctively luxurious flavors and a  crowd-pleasing aroma that you won’t soon forget!

For premium cigar aficionados looking to add pipe smoking into their daily routine, the full line of CAO pipe tobaccos is the perfect place to start.

CAO Moontrance


CAO Bella Vanilla


CAO Cherrybomb


CAO Eileen's Dream



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