A Modern Spin On An Old Classic – The NEW Bolivar Heritage Cigars!

January 7, 2016

Foundry Tobacco Company headed by Michael Giannini is a branch of the famous General Cigar Company that has built its reputation releasing a plethora of small batch, limited edition, and limited production cigars in the past few years.

Giannini somewhat of a mad stogy scientist who is fascinated by the steampunk era always seems to procure the rarest proprietary tobaccos to create his cigars, and his keen blending skills along with a thorough knowledge of the industry has helped him capture the hearts and palates of the contemporary smoker. His many creations are undeniably unique.

Now stepping out of his comfort zone Michael decided to set his sights on resurrecting a classic by breathing new life into a legendary Cuban cigar brand-the Bolivar, a once very popular brand that had lost its luster and strong following in recent years.

Bolivar is a top-quality Cuban cigar brand traces its roots back to old Havana around 1901 or 1902. Throughout the years, the essence of the brand had several revivals with lengthy production runs in both the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

The original Cuban Bolívar has a reputation among cigar aficionados of being one of the strongest and most full-bodied handmade cigars in the world, and Foundry’s take on this brand was to elevate it to a more multi-dimensional smoke that would satisfy the modern palate.

Crafted in the Dominican Republic, the Bolivar Heritage starts with a gorgeous dark and oily Connecticut Habana maduro wrapper that is silky to the feel, and very aromatic. Under the hood rests a proprietary seed Ecuador Sumatra binder and a five-nation blend of aged Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and Dominican Republic long filler tobaccos. This expertly procured assemblage of fine tobaccos have created that unique taste, complexity, and refinement that is a staple among all Foundry offerings.

Flawlessly crafted and medium to full bodied in strength, the new Bolivar Heritage really delivers the goods! With classic Cuban construction featuring an unfinished foot and pigtail cap, this cigar is overflowing with flavor and depth without overpowering the palate. A symphony of hearty, robust notes of coffee, spice, cocoa, dark chocolate, wood, and earth intermingle and delight the senses with every fragrant puff. Heritage finishes just as flavorful as it starts, and leaves a buttery sweet maple taste on the tongue that leaves you craving more.

Although considered a timeless classic, Giannini decided to add some of that Foundry flair by creating very avant-garde bands and eye-catching dress boxes. Yet with all the glitz, the design still keeps the look and feel of this renowned marques storied past.

Bolivar Heritage is available in three popular sizes named after their actual length and ring gauges, the 550 – 5 × 50, the 652 – 6 × 52, and the beefy 660 – 6 × 60.

The perfect amalgamation of old and new, the Bolivar Heritage is poised to please the seasoned enthusiast and novice smoker alike.

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