The Tasty Nub Café Coffee Infused Cigars

December 19, 2015

The innovative folks at the famous Oliva factory created the fat little Nub so that cigar smokers pressed for time could enjoy the whole cigar experience on the very first puff. Now they have taken this principle and opened a sweet new world of flavor with the yummy Nub Café cigars. This new line of coffee-infused sticks billed, as The Ultimate Coffee Experience” are available in six sizes and three mouthwatering flavors to choose from

Nub Café Cappuccino cigars contain aged Dominican filler tobaccos flawlessly rolled golden brown blonde Connecticut wrapper, topped with a sweetened cap. The smoke is mild, fragrant, exceedingly smooth, and brimming with the luxury taste and aromas of mild roasted coffee and sweet tobacco. Café Cappuccino is a delightfully relaxing morning or after-dinner smoke that pairs brilliantly with a cup-o-joe, fine liqueur or fancy dessert. This tasty smoke is presented as the Nub Café Cappuccino 3.75 × 54, Nub Café 4 × 60, and the elegantly slim Nub Café Cappuccino Tubo.

Rolled in a spicy, sweet-capped Sumatra wrapper, the Nub Café Espresso blend derives its wonderful flavor from aged Dominican tobaccos gently infused with estate-grown coffee. This mild, satisfying smoke is chock-full of espresso, vanilla, sweet chocolate, dark coffee and cocoa flavors. These delicious smokes are available in the following formats. Nub Café Espresso · 4 × 60, Nub Café Espresso · 3.75 × 54, and the 4.75 × 30 tubed Nub Café Espresso Tubo ·  

Nub Café Macchiato cigars are fashioned with premium Dominican tobaccos rolled in a sweet-capped Sumatra wrapper. Every puff delivers hearty flavors of espresso, caramel, and deliciously soothing frothy milk, creating a fragrant smoking experience like no other. You’ll count every minute waiting for that chance to enjoy this fragrant and scrumptious smoke! Available in the following popular sizes.

Nub Café Macchiato · 4 × 60, Nub Café Macchiato · 3.75 × 54, and the sleek Nub Café Macchiato Tubo · 4.75 × 30. 


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