The Best Places to Smoke a Good Stogie

February 23, 2016

So what are some of the best places to smoke a good stogie? Years ago, this would be a very easy question to answer: “Just about anywhere you want”!

Today with all of the stringent smoking laws, your options are not nearly as great. Home is an obvious choice, as long as your family doesn’t mind. However, unless you live alone or have a designated and well-ventilated area, this can also cause a big problem with those sharing a living space with you.

Traditionally, you could go to a cigar lounge or private club, where you can relax with your stogie, have a drink, and lie about how important your job is with the other members. However, sometimes you need instant gratification and don’t want to schlep out to your favorite cigar hangout, especially after a hard day’s work. In that case, start taking your friendly canine companion for long walks (and if you don’t have a dog, now’s the time to adopt one)! He will be grateful for the exercise, and you get to smoke without your significant other chasing you out the front door with a can of Lysol!

In most hotels, bars, and restaurants, smoking is either completely restricted or designated to certain areas; sadly, many of these are outside near the smelly dumpster. However, if you look around carefully, you may find a joint with more inviting accommodations where you can comfortably indulge. It’s always nice to have a good stogie after a meal, but make sure you are always aware of the people around you. Don’t light up until everybody has finished eating; if you smoke, tobacco and food complement each other like peanut butter and jelly but it’s guaranteed to offend some of your nonsmoking dining companions…and will absolutely disgust the three “church ladies” seated at table number six! When everybody is finished—and provided you are sitting in the smoking section of the restaurant—it is perfectly acceptable to fire up that top-quality stogie that’s been patiently waiting in your top pocket.

So, smoke wherever you can, just be aware of the rules because in many states you can’t even light up on the streets, in the parks, or at the beaches! It can be difficult to find cigar-friendly establishments these days but if you look hard enough and let your fingers do the walking, you’ll find them.


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