How To Fill A Butane Lighter

September 12, 2019

How to Refill Butane Lighter

Hello, my friends, Nick Libretti here for I’m going to do a little how-to video today. I’m going to show you how to do some really neat, neat stuff. Actually, it’s one stuff. Today, I’m going to show you how to refill a butane lighter.

Now, you’re going to need three things. You’re going to need butane, a lighter, and then some sort of tool. A pen works, but, also, if you have one of those small screwdriver sets, that’s fine.

I’m going to go based on the fact that this is a totally brand-new lighter but this also applies if you want to refill your Xikar lighter. It doesn’t have any fluid in it at all, so it’s going to be completely empty. On the bottom right here, you’re going to have your little nozzle. That’s going to be your entry point for the juice here. Also, a lot of lighters, you have a little knob here with a plus or minus, that’s going to increase your flame or decrease your flame. Then, on some lighters, you might have a little chamber right there that shows the level of gas that’s going to be in your lighter.

You’re going to take your fuel right now, because I have a XIKAR lighter, I’m using the XIKAR High Performance Fuel. I honestly think it’s one of the best ones out there. It really makes the lighter work well. You’re just going to turn it upside down, just going to put it in the thing there. Leave it down, give it a few seconds.

Right there, that’s good. Right there is where you want it. Then we’re going to check to see our level in there. It’s about half filled.

Now, sometimes what happens is you get some air pockets in there. Easy fix, you just want to take your pen, just give it a few quick shots. Yeah, some gas is going to come out too, but you really want to make sure those air pockets get released. See, that’s all air coming out. That’s not even gas anymore. Can you hear it? I can hear it. That’s all air. Get all that air out. That’s nice, all right.

Then take the fuel, put it in there again, and now we have a nice full lighter. Give it a second to warm up, and look at that. You want to increase the flame, you go this way. Oh, beautiful, beautiful, now you’re ready. Now you’re ready to fill your lighter up.

Any other little comments on other how-tos you want to see, put them in the little comment box below. But, until then, you have your lighter and now go have your cigar and have just a grand, a nice time. Oh, and make sure, like I said, XIKAR High Performance is definitely the way to go.


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