Cuban Partagas Serie P. No. 2 Cigar Review

October 19, 2018

The Partagas Cuban cigar brand is world renowned among the cigar smoking community.  While they do not possess the flash or glamour of Cohiba or Montecristo, it is known by true aficionados as one of the finest Cuban cigar brands.  While Partagas Cubans have been around since the 19th century, it was in 2005 that they released one of their most sought after lines, the Partagas Serie P No. 2 Cuban.  It is one of the finest pyramid Cuban cigars in the world and was an easy contender for our list of Cuban cigar reviews.

The Cuban Partagas Serie P No.2 cigar is a solid medium to full bodied cigar.  It uses aged tobacco from the famed Vuelta Abajo region, one of the five main tobacco growing regions of Cuba.  It is wonderfully complex, with tremendous notes of wood, cocoa, and spice with a dash of coffee and sweetness as well.  Its distinct pyramid shape is well known in the Cuban cigar community and provides top notch construction as well as a plethora of rich smoke.

For this Cuban Partagas Serie P No.2 cigar review, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the cigar was considering its complexity.  It is able to balance all of their flavors into a concise profile, with no one flavor becoming too dominant.  It boats one of the finest burns I’ve seen in a Cuban cigar, with a tight white ash that required little to no touch ups.

It’s understandable that many cigars smokers in the US have been unable to travel the globe and try out authentic Cuban cigars.  Do not fret for there is always some top of the line cigars that are similar in both size and flavor.  For the Cuban Partagas Serie P No.2, I would highly recommend the Ashton VSG torpedo.  Not only does it share the pyramid shape, but it also has a similar profile with notes of cocoa, coffee and a good amount of spice.

If you ever have the chance to visit a Cuban cigar store, then you have to take the opportunity to light up and enjoy a Cuban Partagas Serie P No.2 cigar.


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