Cuban Cohiba Siglo II Cigar Review

October 16, 2018

Many American cigar smokers aren’t used to the sizes of most Cuban cigars.  They tend to be smaller in both length and ring gauge, which is unusual for the US market where we tend to like big and bolder smokes.  However, to make an amazing smoke in a smaller size without construction or burn issues is the mark of a truly remarkable Cuban cigar.  When it comes to a petite corona size, the Cuban Cohiba Siglo II cigar reigns supreme.

This gem was first released in a limited run in 1992 but soon found itself being released to the world two years later.  It was released to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus first reaching the new world.  While we would call this size a petite corona, 5×42, in the Cuban cigar industry it is known as a Mareva.  The Cuban Cohiba Siglo II cigar is hand rolled at the famed El Laguito factory, home of Cuban Cohiba cigars for most of the last century.

While it uses the same tobaccos as previsions Cohiba Cuban cigars, its size tends to make it a bit more mellow.  It starts out soft, with light notes of cedar and coffee.  As it smokes down, a complex yet balanced profile starts to develop, including hints of cocoa, coffee and vanilla notes.  For such a small smoke, the Cuban Cohiba Siglo II cigar burned slow and straight for the entire time.  Final smoke time was around an hour and that was with no burn issues whatsoever.  That is pretty impressive for a mareva.

For many of us, it is difficult to travel the world and shop at an authentic Cuban cigar store.  So if you buy cigars online here in the US, there are a few options that will give you a similar body and feel to this cigar.  The Crowned Heads Luminosa is a solid, mellow to medium bodied cigar that not only gives you similar notes of cocoa, coffee, and nuts but is also available in a petite corona size very similar to that of the Cuban Cohiba cigar.

However, if you have the chance to travel around the world, make sure you stop off into a Cuban cigar store.  If you have an hour or so and need a solid, quick smoke, light up the Cuban Cohiba Siglo II cigar.


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