Veteran’s Day 2018 – Share A Smoke With The Brave!

November 12, 2018

Cigars are considered to be an art form that embodies the tradition and heritage of past cultures. Often shared in unison, socially or celebratory, each handmade cigar tells a story that pays homage to the hard work that came before it.

Most cigar smokers will typically save their best varieties for affairs like weddings, or more mainstream holidays, like Thanksgiving or July 4th. But when you apply the notion and the symbolism behind each-and-every handmade stick, there may be no day more fitting to light up on, than an important, but often overlooked U.S. holiday— Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s Day is the one day a year where most will take a moment to reflect on the dedication and sacrifice that came from some of our bravest and most important citizens. And in a culture like cigar-smoking, there’s no individual worth honoring more than our own U.S. vets.

And it’s a shame that Veteran’s Day isn’t “celebrated” like other American holidays, as it’s not a made-up “greeting card” holiday, or a day predicated on religion, nor one that pays tribute a historical figure from the past. Veteran’s Day celebrates real people, a great number of them too, who live and breathe in the same communities as we do, whose accomplishments often go unnoticed over time.

Chances are if you frequent a cigar-smoking lounge, or any other social environments, you’ll likely be sharing a room with one of these courageous individuals. But we say do more than just share a seat with a veteran— share a smoke with them! Honor their hard work with a specially-crafted premium cigar, and let them know just how much you appreciate them.

They say sometimes a little goes a long way, and a simple gesture of handing one of our veterans a handmade cigar could mean a lot. Opening your travel humidor or purchasing an extra premium smoke isn’t only a great way to successfully celebrate one of our country’s most important holidays— it’s a way to make the day for one of our most respected citizens!


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