Tis the Season

December 11, 2014

It is the time to try to find the perfect gift for your cigar smoker.  You could  always get him or her a box of cigars, just make sure you know which brand and size.  Or you could cheat and try a sampler like the one Davidoff makes. (there is also a 12 cigar sampler too).

A place to put the cigars is always welcome as we hit the low humidity of winter.  Maybe a nice humidor is just the thing.

But if that doesn’t appeal to you, there are always cutters. Xikar makes a bunch of nice ones in different colors and finishes like Zebrawood , Beechwood and Rosewood.  Room 101’s Matt Booth also has his cutters made by Xikar.  Boofy has several designs from which to choose. 

And if you decide on one of Matt’s cutters, there are plenty of his cigars available ranging from the Master Collections, Daruma Gold to The Big Payback.  And remember Matt, outside of our little area, is primarily known for his jewelry designs.  And of course, that could make a great gift as well.


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