The Franklyn Acrylic Humidor

October 22, 2019

The Franklyn Acrylic Humidor: A Great Alternative to Wood!

The Franklyn Acrylic Humidor is produced the Prestige Import Group,  a large-scale importer & supplier of cigar humidors, cases, cutters, and other vital cigar accessories, that makes affordable products that never sacrifice on quality, functionality,  or good looks.


Unlike wood humidors,  The Franklin Acrylic Humidor is a very contemporary looking countertop display that lets you view your entire collection without opening the lid. Even many of the glass top humidors only give you a top-down look at the first row of your cigars.


The unit comes manufactured with the very best high-grade acrylic.  The first and most significant benefit of acrylic as a humidor material is that it provides an airtight seal. Being a non-porous material that doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t require seasoning, unlike wooden humidors that come lined with cedar. In addition, its more impact resistant than glass holds humidity better than wood humidors and never warps.


This style of cigar humidor became a  very popular choice in the late ’80s and early  90’s when most wood humidors were only made by high-end manufacturers that spared no cost.  Today, even with many units being made overseas where labor costs are cheaper, it remains a popular choice among those who prefer a cigar humidor that’s sleek, clean looking,  and requires the minimum of maintenance to keep their cigars perfectly fresh.


Capable of holding up to 150 cigars, perfect for medium-sized collections, the crystal-clear  Franklyn features  2- angled shelves each equipped with three fixed dividers, a built-in external mount hygrometer, one large humidifier, and rear door with lock and key to keep intruders from helping themselves to your valuable sticks. The upright design gives you the capability to exhibit your beloved handmade treasures without consuming a great deal of counter space. And, for a nice added touch, the inside rear mirror enhances the appearance of your presentation.


You could end up paying top dollar for an acrylic humidor of this caliber, storage capacity, and quality, but the Franklyn Humidor just happens to be an affordable alternative to many of the costlier models.


Be sure to check it out right here on the JR Cigar website!

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