The Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany Humidor From Prestige

November 14, 2019

The Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany Humidor From Prestige

A top choice for cigar aficionados looking to store a larger quantity of premium cigars, The Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany Humidor from Prestige is more than just a cigar humidor. This elegant piece of furniture will easily become the centerpiece of any home, office, or man-cave.

This stunning humidor displays a rich high lacquer finish with a unique angled front facade accented with beveled glass, giving the smoker a top-down view of some of their prized cigars.

This visual adds even more beauty to this elegant humidor, while the gold-plated hygrometer and lock ring adds the perfect finishing touches. The interior shelving is made from a well-aged and highly aromatic kiln-dried Spanish cedar.

When referring to Kiln-dried Spanish cedar, a  Kiln is simply an oven, this speeds up the aging process and produces more even drying so there is less cupping,  warping, and no harmful sap that can ruin a cigar.

A lot of humidors are made with a  thin veneer of Spanish cedar, the thicker the veneer the better it will smell and hold moisture. The Chancellor is made of very thick slabs of cedar, a feature found in many costlier  high-end humidors

With a storage capacity of up to 300 cigars, this humidor comes equipped with an oversized external hygrometer, side handles, a double-stack removable tray system, 2 humidifiers, and 6 dividers to separate your brands.

This is important because when different cigar blends are stored side by side, they pick up each other’s oils, flavors, and aromas, most times with very poor results because the manufacturers often spend many years perfecting a cigar blend that is unlike any other.

Check out the affordable  Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany cigar humidor right here on the JR Cigar website. Not only is it a stunning heirloom-worthy storage unit that will offer years of reliable service, but it also offers a lot of bang for the buck!

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