Montecristo Platinum Series Cigars

September 18, 2019

Introduced in 2002, Montecristo Platinum Series Cigars have gone on to become one the brands most popular line extensions. And, that sure is saying a lot considering that Montecristo Cigars have set a standard of excellence in the premium cigar industry that has rarely been duplicated. In fact, it’s one of most familiar names in the cigar-world, even to those who don’t smoke!

So, what makes Montecristo Platinum Series cigars so special? The answer is a lot of factors, starting with its stunning Mexican wrapper that displays tight seams, a silky hand feel, and plenty of noticeable oils. Underneath this supple leaf, rests a sturdy Nicaraguan binder, and deeply aged long-filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. Then, there’s the pristine construction. Montecristo Platinum Series cigars are packed seemingly rock-solid, yet they draw like a dream and burn slowly and evenly with very little touch-up required.

In the flavor, the department is where the Platinum cigars really set the gold standard for handmade premium enjoyment. It’s a medium to full-bodied blend that produces thick volumes of sweet-smelling smoke accompanied by bold, yet exceptionally smooth notes of baked bread, coffee, oak, cedar, and hints of black pepper on the finish to spice things up a bit.  Best of all, these lush notes remain perfectly true to form right down to the last savory draw.

Available in an impressive array of popular sizes, and sold in boxes, and packs of 5,  Platinum is the perfect cigar for smokers that desire a bolder, richer Montecristo that’s more similar in taste to its famous Cuban counterpart.

Check out our full line of Montecristo Platinum Series cigars today, and find the quantity and size that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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