Las Cabrillas Cigars- Rediscovering an Affordable Classic

January 31, 2017

The other day while looking for a good knock around premium cigar to smoke while doing some menial chores, I came upon a Las Cabrillas Balboa Maduro sitting at the very bottom of my humidor. I often turned to this brand quite frequently throughout many decades of smoking, however with so many new sticks to choose from, it seemed to have got lost in the shuffle. So, quite surprised to find this lone stick still in tack and perfectly humidified, I dusted off the plume and lit her up. A few puffs in, I was wondering to myself why I had neglected this affordable everyday workhouse for so long. This medium-bodied Churchill has one of the darkest Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers that I have ever found on a cigar, and the hearty of flavors earth, black pepper, and cocoa where every bit as satisfying and delicious as I remembered them to be.

This legendary Honduran cigar has a loyal following dating back many years, and it remains a best seller today. Flawlessly rolled, the cigar contains an all-Mexican blend of long-fillers inside a Mexican binder surrounded with the aforementioned licorice black wrapper.  For those who like a lighter wrapped stick a rustic Connecticut shade wrapper with plenty of oil is also a tasty option.

Las Cabillas is available in a whole slew of popular sizes such as the Cortez, and the De Soto, which also comes in a value-priced 5-pack selection in that juicy Maduro wrapper that I praise so highly. This is just a sampling, as there are a few more sizes to suit just about every smokers needs. Along with top-notch taste, the seemingly inflation proof, affordable price makes the brand an excellent every day cigar that never becomes overpowering. In addition, with a little (or a lot of aging in my case), Las Cabrillas can hold its own with many of the pricier premium handmade cigars on the market.

The moral of the story: It is very easy to get lost in the shuffle of all the latest and greatest stogies available today, but Las Cabrillas is a brand that is definitely worth a second look if you haven’t found it already.


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