Davidoff: Black Edition

August 18, 2015

For years, Davidoff cigars have been seen as the Rolls Royce of the cigar world.  They were mild, smooth, and perfectly constructed.  Their higher price point and high-end style made them the cigar of choice for the more upper echelon.  These cigars were very well made, yet many who sought out a more aggressive cigar tended to stay away.   Now, imagine taking the nice, white Rolls, and slapping in a twin-turbo.  That is what Davidoff has done with its two latest editions.  Last year Davidoff Nicaragua proved to be one of the best selling Davidoff’s in history and one of the highest-rated cigars of the year.  It still had all the characteristics of a traditional Davidoff.  It was smooth, well made, and had a perfect draw and burn.  Yet it now was stronger and had a more intense flavor profile.


In order to capitalize on its success, Davidoff went even further this year.  During this year’s IPCPR trade show, we saw the release of the Davidoff Escurio.   In this medium to full body cigar, Davidoff wished to encompass strength, flavor, and the rhythm and spirit of a beautiful night in Rio…and they did just that.  This delicious cigar uses a spicy Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Brazilian binder and a mix of Brazilian and Dominican filler.  It easily creates that great mixture of strong, spicy, and rich with that smooth elegant taste you expect from this company.   This cigar has been added to the new Black series, along with last year’s Nicaraguan.  Davidoff has seen the trend to more full-bodied and flavorful smokes, and they are taking advantage of it in a big way.  Make sure you try both the Davidoff Nicaragua and the brand new Davidoff Escurio right here at JR Cigar.  Its time to the new Rolls Royce for a spin.



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