The Padron 1926 Cigar

May 24, 2019

Picture, if you will, the Mt. Rushmore of Cigars.  We all know that Padron cigars would have a significant portion of the mountain. From their original Thousand Series to their highly rated and limited Family Reserve, Padron cigars have become more than an icon, but a symbol in the cigar industry.  However, throughout their entire line up, it is the Padron 1926 that made them the company they are today.

The Padron 1926 is the highest end of the regular production Padrons.  Its name honors the birth year of company founder Jose Orlando Padron.  While the tobacco used in the core three lines of Padron is usually the same, it is the age of the tobacco that sets it apart.  The Padron Series has tobacco aged up to 1 year.  The Padron 1964 has tobacco that is aged between 2-4 years.  The Padron 1926 has 6-year-old tobacco, perfectly combining its spicy and rich flavors with a smooth, creamy aroma.

Like all the core line Padrons, the 1926 is available in two amazing wrapper varieties.  Its Natural wrapper is, in fact, a zesty, Nicaraguan sun-grown leaf with notes of pepper, sweet spice and cedar.  For the Maduro fan, they have a dark Nicaraguan Maduro option with heavy notes of cocoa, coffee, and chocolate.

One of the most amazing aspects of the Padron 1926, in fact of the Padron company entirely, is their consistency.  The Padron 1926 was named cigar of the year in 2007, and 11 years later it has yet to have an under 90 review.  That is beyond remarkable.  So make sure to check out the 1926 Padron right here at JR Cigars.

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