The Stunning Belmont Bronze & Mahogany 600-Cigar Humidor

July 31, 2019

The Stunning Belmont Bronze & Mahogany 600-Cigar Humidor

As your premium cigar collection continues to grow, so will your need for a larger capacity humidor. With so many large capacity humidor models to choose from here at JR, we think the granddaddy of them all is the Belmont Bronze & Mahogany 600-Cigar Humidor from Prestige. For those not familiar with the Prestige brand, it’s a cigar accessory company made famous by selling a full line of desktop, travel, and acrylic humidors sold at the best possible price without sacrificing quality.

Made with the super-serious cigar collector in mind,  the luxury class Belmont Bronze & Mahogany 600-Cigar Humidor boasts a rich dark mahogany finish that contrasts strikingly with the full-length frameless glass door,  and the built-in exterior gold-framed hygrometer with matching accent handles, and hinges. There are even an elegantly appointed lock and key set that keeps your freeloading friends from helping themselves to your valuable stash!

Along with its striking good looks, the feature-rich Belmont comes with four deep pull out drawers, each with one divider to separate your brands. All four drawers are made of the finest, kiln-dried Spanish cedar to promote the all-important aging process, while at the same time allowing your cigars to marry and become richer and smoother. Neatly tucked away inside the humidor, you’ll find four top-quality black oblong humidifiers that are more than capable of keeping all 600 cigars fresh, and the above-mentioned external hygrometer offers consistently accurate humidity level readings without having to open the door. In addition, the back of the unit has a special wiring port just in case you decide to use an electric humidifier somewhere down the road.

For those looking to clear some space to display the stunning Belmont humidor,  its measurements are 18″ W x 42″ H x 11.75″ D.

Now, for the best part. A cigar humidor of this high-end quality and large storage capacity would normally cost an arm and a leg, yet the Belmont Bronze & Mahogany is surprisingly affordable, allowing you to fully expand your cigar collection without shrinking your checking account!


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