Prestige Cigar Humidors

June 4, 2019

Prestige Cigar Humidors

It all began in 2008 in a small facility with 2 employees and a vision. Today, Prestige Import Group includes a huge line cigar cutters, , cigar cases, and cigar humidors, all sold at the best possible price without sacrificing on quality.

Today we focus on the extensive line of top-quality Prestige humidors that include desktop, travel, and acrylic storage devices in a staggering array of shapes, sizes, and models, that can accommodate 5 up to 600 cigars!

The Prestige lineup includes humidors in a variety of elegant wood finishes that include Cherry, Ebony,  Maple, Rosewood, rare Apple Wood , and more.  Some models, including the gorgeous Valencia Digital Cherry, the Sovereign, and the Berkeley II , come with glass tops, allowing you to show off and display your prized collection of premium handmade cigars. Every wood Prestige humidor comes lined with the finest aged Spanish cedar for additional aging and the perfect marriage of flavors.

Acrylic humidors, like the stunning Franklin, the unique and intriguing Laurence, and the 25-Cigar Acrylic Humidor Jar,  are very airtight, and some say to hold their humidity levels better than wood while offering you a clear view of your whole collection.

For smokers on the go, the top-shelf selection of Prestige Travel humidors offers you a stylish and innovative way to take your stogies out on the town.

To accommodate cigar aficionados with larger collections, Prestige offers some super-sized professional models such as the Baccus Two Tone Humidor, the Charleston Humidor, the  Manchester 250-Cigar Humidor, and the mother of all big humidors, the 600 cigar capacity Belmont Bronze & Mahogany!

Take a good look at our large selection of premium quality Prestige Humidors and find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle, taste, budget, and how many cigars you plan on storing.

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