Alec Bradley Post Embargo Cigar- Reinventing the Past!

June 2, 2016

We all read about industry experts and brand manufacturers extolling the virtues of those fabulous pre-embargo premium handmade smokes of yesteryear, but unless you are older than dirt, most likely you have never tasted one. Moreover, if you have been around long enough to remember smoking them when they were legal in the states- by now, you probably forgot what they tasted like- especially considering that these days you may be having a hard time recalling what you had for lunch! With all of this in mind, and being very proud of his top-quality offerings of today, Alec Rubin, legendary owner of the famous Alec Bradley Cigar Company decided stop dwelling on the past by creating his latest and greatest kick- ash stogie, fittingly named- Post Embargo.

Manufactured at his famous Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, Post Embargo really gives those old (and new) Cuban stogies a run for their money while respectfully paying homage to this famous nation’s glorious cigar growing history. To accomplish this task Rubin and his team of highly skilled artisans chose two binders from Nicaragua and Honduras along with a blend of the best aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers, and wrapped them inside a silky smooth Honduran wrapper.

The finished sticks receive several months of further aging, and then are banded and placed inside gorgeous 20-count high varnish boxes featuring classic turn of the century Cuban artwork.

Alec Bradley Post Embargo premium handmade cigars although medium to full body in strength, were especially fashioned to have that well-refined smoothness and sweetness usually associated with a top-quality Habano. The cigars flavor profile includes earth, spice, coffee, nuts, and subtle hints of creamy caramel that lingers in the background. The cigar burns nice and slow while holding its solid complexity and delicious taste right down to the nub. A real “thumb burner” indeed, these beauties are available in Robusto, Toro, and the beefy 6 by 60 Gordo.  With only 1,000 of each size made, the limited edition Post Embargo is a cigar that you will want to order VERY soon!

If you were to sum up Alec Bradley Post Embargo Cigars in a few words … it is a brand created to prove that by employing the best artisanship, old world values, and outstanding blending skills, you can create a premium cigar that dispels the myth of Cuban tobacco supremacy.


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