Mellow Bodied Cigars

If you are new to cigar smoking, a mellow cigar may be the best choice to start out with. Most new smokers may consider the taste of a full-flavored premium cigar too strong. However, there is misconception that mellow cigars are only for beginning smokers. Many veteran smokers prefer mellow cigars for their versatility. They can be smoked anytime of the day and paired with most foods and beverages. Bear in mind that taste is subjective and body and flavor are separate entities. You can have a mellow cigar with a lot of flavor and a full-bodied cigar with very little flavor. As always, it comes down to the blend and what you are looking for in a good cigar. Just as some people prefer spicy food to mellow food and vice versa, the same theory applies to cigars. It all depends on which strength is most enjoyable for your particular taste.