Our in-house cigar junkies are at it again. They've selected 6 of their most trustworthy premium smokes and created honest cigar reviews for each. They've also put together an extraordinary Expert Picks Sampler for February that'll give you the chance to try each of their first-class cigar picks yourself. And it's only $24.95! That's a savings of more than 50% off the regular retail price. Each sampler includes 1 of each of the following cigars along with a Boveda 2-way humidity pack to keep them fresh:

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Alec Bradley Sanctum Toro

Toro ·6 ×52 ·EMS

In my humble opinion, when it comes to top-quality Nicaraguan cigars, Alec Bradley is one the reigning kings! Alec Bradley Sanctum Toro is yet another flavor-packed gem from one of the world's best boutique cigar brands. Aged to perfection, this solidly packed 6 x 52 offered a dense, creamy, and balanced smoke with a woody, peppery base and heavenly notes of earth, dark chocolate, and sweet spice. I highly recommend this tasty medium-bodied treat to any serious smoker.

Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed Dark Elegy

Elegy ·6 ×60 ·EMS

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This Romeo has an incredibly flavorful wrapper and that’s why it waschosen for the second iteration of our StarCrossed line. Medium bodiedwith a wonderful aroma, this is a cigar that is best enjoyed with friendsand family after a nice meal. That being said it is also my go-to cigar foralmost every occasion

La Boheme Poeta

Poeta ·5.75 ×54 ·EMS

Boutique Blends' Rafael Nodal really hit a high note with the La Boheme Poeta! This well stuffed 5.75 × 54 Robusto is a real handsome devil dressed in its silky Ecuador Habano wrapper. In this case, beauty was more than skin deep as this slow burning stick was an absolute joy to smoke. Medium to full body in strength, I thoroughly savored the luxurious notes of wood, leather, black pepper, coffee, and the creamy sweetness that lingered on my tongue. La Boheme Poeta is the ideal companion to a dark craft beer and a juicy steak!

Montecristo Platinum Series Toro

Toro ·6 ×50 ·EMS

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I have rarely met a Montecristo cigar that I didn’t like, but the Platinum Series is truly one that I love, especially in my favorite size-the Toro! The artisanship of this 6 x 50 is impeccable, and that shiny Mexican Cubano wrapper leaf is a thing of beauty! Immediately upon lighting, a tapestry of rich, dense, and earthy Cuban style flavors invade your palate and remain there until the very last delectable puff. Smooth, refined and delicious, Montecristo Platinum Series Toro is a must try cigar!

Rocky Patel Ice Toro

Toro ·6.5 ×52 ·EMS

You’ve got the itch. It’s just below freezing outside and you think toyourself,that’s it, I’ve been a prisoner long enough and I’m goingoutside to smoke a cigar!You get the gloves, the scarf, and the hat, andhead to the humidor. Big decision. You grab a Rocky Patel Ice. You’rewarmed with flavors of leather, spice, and cedar. Suddenly, it doesn’tfeel so cold outside.

Saint Luis Rey Alloy Robusto

Robusto ·4.5 ×54 ·EMS

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This is a great cigar for when you don’t want something heavy. Medium bodied in strength, it still delivers a ton of flavor and aroma. For thosefamiliar with the SLR of old, there are similarities but with addednuances. On top of the earthiness, you get an interesting combinationof sweet spice, dark chocolate, and cedar. Give this one a try!