Our in-house cigar connoisseurs did it again. They’ve selected 6 of their favorite and most dependable go-to smokes and put together straightforward cigar reviews for each. They’ve also created an Expert Picks Sampler that’ll give you the opportunity to try each of their premium choices firsthand. And it’s only $24.95! That’s a savings of 36% off the regular retail price. The sampler includes 1 of each of the following premium cigars:

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Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Madrid

Madrid ·6.25 ×54 ·EMS

The Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte, in this man’s humble opinion, may be one of the most underrated cigars that ever rolled off the stogy assembly line. The Barcelona is a Double Corona sized box-pressed beauty that packs a serious punch, yet remains very balanced and refined throughout. Rich bold Cuban style flavors with a subtle peppery twist really kept these finely tuned taste buds hopping!

El Rey del Mundo Double Corona Deluxe

Double Corona Deluxe ·6.75 ×49 ·EMS

I’m going to keep this short so I can fire this baby up & listen to some Albert King! This cigar speaks for itself in more ways than one. Not only does this Double Corona look appealing to the eyes, but it’s got that full flavor & rich spice that I prefer in my cigars. Now, normally my El Rey go to is the Robusto Larga, but I’m definitely pleased with this stick as I take puff by puff. The burn is flawless, especially when accompanied by a snifter of your favorite HOOCH! If you’ve never tried this cigar yet, add 1 or 20 to your humidor ASAP!

Room 101 Master Collection One Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo ·4 ×42 ·Natural

As much as Angry Joe would have taken joy in torturing me with a full-bodied cigar, I managed to survive the Room 101 Master Collection One Monstro that was testing my limits. This cigar was indeed dark and intense, but in a seducing and flavorful way, marked by an earthy cocoa sweetness that evolved into a floral essence. This is an appropriate choice for a day when you exude confidence and even defiance, or just to make Angry Joe lose a bet (for once).

La Jugada Prieto Toro

Toro ·6 ×52 ·Maduro

This cigar has a beautiful oily wrapper. The prelight offers a wonderful tobacco aroma, with a hint of anise. This cigar burns like a champ and offers cocoa, cedar and coffee notes. It is an easy recommendation for someone who likes stronger cigars that still can offer subtle flavors. To quote Senor BadA$H “Do yourself a favor pick up one...or 20”

CAO Brazilia Gol

Gol ·5 ×56 ·Maduro

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CAO Brazilia Gol is a medium-full bodied Honduran cigar filled with rich, smooth Nicaraguan tobaccos and wrapped in beautiful dark, oily Brazilian leaves. This complex earthy smoke has a rich aroma with notes of chocolate,coffee and a little bit of spice.

Ether M.E.

M.E. ·5.75 ×46 ·EMS

Rafael Nodal really knew what he was doing with these cigars. They are medium-bodied, rich, and filled with a lot of traditional cigar-like flavors that I really enjoy. There was lots of smoke and the burn was even. In ancient Greek Ether means "I burn, I shine" and boy did the cigar shine when I smoked it. The name sure is fitting.