Our in-house cigar gurus did it again. They've picked out 5 of their favorite and most trusted smokes and put together straightforward reviews for each. They've also created an Expert Picks Sampler for May that'll give you the opportunity to try each of their premium choices firsthand. And it's only $21.95! That's a savings of 40% off the regular retail price. Each sampler includes 1 of each o the following cigars:

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Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Signature by Angry Joe

Signature ·6 ×47 ·EMS

This cigar is impeccably constructed with a beautiful Cameroon wrapper that accentuates the blend of aged Dominican fillers perfectly.It is smooth and creamy with notes of cedar, vanilla, leather and a hint of pepper at the finish. The combination of quality and price has made this beauty one of my go to morning cigars for over a decade.

Punch Signature Robusto by Cigar Ginger

Rothshchild ·4.5 ×50 ·Maduro

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The guys at General went “New Old school” with this one. Retro style font on the band nods to the long heritage of this brand. But the Smoke itself is definitely new. It’s a chunky 5X54 that delivers power and complexity. It has something for everyone... nice sweet spiciness on the inhale, and a delightful peppery retrohale. The price aint bad either.

My Father El Centurion Toro by DJ Brian Massey

I really like smoking this cigar because it is wrapped with a unique Corojo leaf that's loaded with flavors and nice to look at. Since it is made with all Nicaraguan tobaccos there's lots of bold spice to the smoke. It's like drinking a super dark roast cup of coffee with some sweetness to it. These are limited because of the rare wrappers so you should get some now while you can. They are definitely worth a try.

Dunhill 1907 Rothschild by Senor Bad@sh

Rothschild ·4.5 ×48 ·EMS

Handmade in the D.R., this is a well- crafted medium-bodied smoke. It’s got a complex spice to it that keeps your palate wanting more until your last draw. It also has a finish that is pretty mellow, which is always a plus! Thank you Mr. Dunhill!

Belinda Black Promiente by Steve Nathan

Prominente ·7 ×50 ·Maduro

 The JR price has been reduced by $5.00!

Belinda Black ... Really? ... Your damn right! ... I’ve been smoking these cigars for ages, and they have never let me down. The Belinda Black is medium in strength, well-aged, and loaded with flavors of nuts, earth, leather, and dark chocolate with a pleasant sweet spice finish that lingerson the palate. This affordable old classic is definitely worth a try!