Our in-house cigar experts did it again. They've picked out 6 of their most dependable go-to smokes and put together honest reviews for each. They've also created an Expert Picks Sampler for August that'll give you the opportunity to try each of their premium choices firsthand. And it's only $19.95! That's a savings of more than 50% off the regular retail price. Each sampler includes 1 of each of the following cigars:

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La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Maximo

Maximo ·5.5 ×54 ·Oscuro

Cocoa, spice, and richness, this cigar has it all and is a flavor experience you don’t want to miss. This box-pressed smoke is absolutely amazing, plus it won’t roll off the table if you have to set it down, not that you’d ever want to (set it down, that is).

Room 101 San Andres No. 808

No. 808 ·6 ×60 ·Natural

The Room 101 line is known for its edgy in-your-face style, which is one reason I enjoy it. This month’s pick is the San Andres No. 808, an earthy cigar with a kick of pepper, which complements the hints of chocolate you will experience. This is a great smoke to add to your collection.

Uncharted Belicoso

Belicoso ·6 ×52 ·Maduro

Once again, I journeyed into Uncharted territory and smoked an incredible Belicoso! Upon first inspection, I couldn’t help notice how handsome this cigar was. It had a beautiful dark oily wrapper, it was solidly built, and felt smooth and oily in the hand. The cigar started with a bang as bold notes of pepper and dark coffee took center stage. As the smoke matured, complex flavors of spice, earth, roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and espresso took turns teasing my palate, while I was taking in its sweet aroma. This beauty held its yummy complexity right down to the nub.

Punch Signature Robusto

Robusto ·5 ×54 ·Maduro

Maybe partially inebriated or perhaps induced by the bold and powerful taste of the full-bodied Punch Signature on the aftermath of the big fight, I challenged Señor Bad@$h to an exhibition combat. His entourage was swift to call it off, apparently for my own good, as he is known to have a shady background. Father, forgive them, for they ignore the tradition of Argentinian featherweight champions.

PDR 1878 Cosecha Especial Robusto

Robusto ·5 ×50 ·EMS

If you like a full-flavored Dominican cigar, this vitola is for you. It has the perfect amount of spice with a touch of underlying sweet earthiness that is sure to please. This is a cigar you can get only here, and it is well worth the effort. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

Don Pepin Garcia Clasicos Black Edition 1979 Robusto

1979 Robusto ·5 ×50 ·EMS

I was almost giddy when I got my hands on the Black Edition 1979 Robusto, because I am a huge Don Pepin fan. Even before lighting, you can tell this cigar was well aged. It had that sweet almost musty aroma with lots of earth and cedar notes. The cigar started very peppery, but soon opened up, and my palate was filled with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, sweet spice and caramel that blended beautifully, right down to the last puff. Overall, this medium to full bodied smoke lived up to my expectations. Kudos to the Garcia family for another great cigar!