For those not familiar with the name, Nick is our colorful brand manager with impeccable taste when it comes to fine premium cigars and the cigar accessories that go along with it. He can often be seen on Social Media reviewing and discussing many of the brands and accessories that we feature on our website. Knowing that the holiday season is a trying time for shoppers in search of buying the best gifts for all the smokers on their shopping list, he was kind enough to create this helpful guide, called Nick's Holiday Picks. It’s here were you will find some of the cigar samplers that Nick enjoys the most. This includes the Davidoff Gift Selection Assorted 9-Count, the 25-Count Celebration Collection, and the AJF 10ct Exclusive Sampler a selection of 90-plus rated blends from industry legend AJ Fernandez.

When Nick is not savoring an assortment of his favorite cigar samplers, he can often be found smoking the luxurious Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau, and the Aging Room JR 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Maestro cigars. Although Nick has smoked every single stick in our huge inventory, these are the two premium cigars that he enjoys the most.

When it comes to torching his favorite handmades, only the best cigar lighters will do. So he always turns to the S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Camo Green, that features a super large tank, simple one-push thumb ignition, and a powerful windproof, single torch flame. We told you that Nick has great taste!

Like all serious cigar connoisseurs, Nick will never be found using a cheap disposable cutter, instead he prefers the gorgeous Colibri Quasar 1928 Punch Cutter. This revolutionary cutter uses four pyramids stacked on top of each other; when the uppermost pyramid is pulled away from the cutter’s body, three punch cutters slide out from the remaining pyramids. When the action is reversed, the three cutters retract, ejecting the cigar’s plug from the punch blade. The Quasar 1928 is certain to become the crowning jewel of any smoker’s accessory collection.

Being the head cigar maven here at JR Cigar, Nick has amassed a large collection of premium cigars. Therefore, to keep his prized stash fresh and ready to smoke, he trusts his cigars to nothing less than the striking 100-count Old World Humidor. This beautiful cigar humidor is expertly handcrafted with an antique distressed walnut finish with an old-world map veneer on the top of the lid.

As our brand manager, Nick’s job requires some visits to cigar factories near and far, so for him, the Xikar Red 10-Cigar Travel Humidor is his must have traveling companion. Made of super-strong ABS molded plastic, a silicone seal, stainless-steel hinges and latches, and a molded lock ring and locking clasp, Nick’s sticks can really take a beating and still be fresh, undamaged, and ready to smoke.

Check out the full descriptions for all of Nick's Holiday Picks on the JR Cigar website, and find the perfect gifts for those special smokers on your holiday shopping list.
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