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XFlame Black This is an interesting and novel electric lighter, charged via USB plug. However, almost every word of the description is wrong -- it has no fuel, there's no adjustment wheel or flip cap, and you don't need much "thumb action." It's 62-ring gauge, so it may not work as well with huge cigars, since the idea is that you put the foot right on the tip of the lighter as the coils heat up. It's evidently not so hot as to char the tobacco, and it lights the whole thing evenly. I'm gonna try it this weekend with a 64, but I mostly smoke 60s and it works well. Especially like it in the car, when I can light a shorter stump without risk of being misaligned and torching my face. 4 5 1
XFlame Black Just like a car cigarette lighter, no fluid, no flame. Automatic shut off with an activation sequence so it does not accidentally light in your pocket. 5 5 1

Xikar Cigar Lighters

XFlame Black 3XXFBK

 A durable yet stylish design protects the Xikar X Flame Cigar Lighter. A protective flip cap and a quick thumb action ignition unleashes a super-powerful windproof flame that lights your favorite premium cigars in any environment. An easy to use fuel adjustment wheel allows you to effortlessly dial in the perfect flame height. Balancing style, materials, price and performance, the EX lighter is just what you've been waiting for.

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