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XI2 Custom Ugly Xmas Sweater 3CCX12SW

An amusing, yet essential gift for that special cigar connoisseur in your life, the XI2 Custom Ugly Xmas Sweater cigar cutter puts a classy spin on what’s considered by many to be the worst Christmas present ever! However, this year the lucky recipient won’t be getting an ugly sweater, instead, the enormously popular Xikar XI2 cigar cutter vibrantly emblazoned with the design normally found on the ugly sweater. Humor aside, the XI2 is a seriously great cutter that features the sharpest HH57 dual surgical steel blades in the biz. The signature teardrop design not only looks elegant, but its durable, light, and very comfortable in the hand. Order yours today, and poke a little fun at someone special while at the same time presenting them with one of the best cigar cutters on the market today!
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