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Phantom x Redwood Cigar Cutter The cutter I purchased from XiKAR some sixteen years ago is solid black with a round button and no rivets holding the durable man made pieces together. It has the same US Patent It far exceeds the quality and continued use of any other cigar accessory I've owned. I've always required good steel in my knives which must hold a sharp edge and frankly I keep wondering if my cutter will ever require sharpening. I'm please with my choice all those years ago and I will never use another brand as my cutter. Guess I'd better purchase an XiKAR Cigar Lighter because I've gone through so many over the years. 5 5 1

Xikar Cigar Cutters

Phantom x Redwood Cigar Cutter 3CCX3WC

 With its spring-loaded, double guillotine design, ergonomic shape, and exotic wood finish, the Xikar XI3 Phantom RedwoodCigar Cutter is a beauty to behold and a pleasure to use. The Wood Wing is heavier, sturdier, yet more comfortable than any other cigar cutter on the market, and with Xikar’s lifetime guarantee, it’s the last cigar cutter that you’ll ever need to own.

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