Villiger Premium

Cigarillo No. 10 · 4 × 30 VIPCIS

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Non-Aromatic smokers looking for a good small stogie will simply love the Villiger Premium Cigarillo No. 10. Choice Central American tobaccos and a flavorful Sumatra wrapper team up to provide a very satisfying smoke with a rich nutty taste. 

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5 Packs of 10 (50 total)

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The ultimate convenience cigar

Kenly on 07/02/17

Four stars for flavor considering the category of this cigar (it is a mini cigar the size of a cigarette). I don't expect much in terms of flavor from this category of cigar - but considering what it is - I find it rich - creamy - and fully sufficient to satisfy the nicotine addiction of any hard core smoker with the minimum health risk associated with cigarettes and that is because it has no chemicals - no chlorinated (bleached) paper (that gives off poisonous gas) and gives richer nicotine with out the next day "destroyed lungs" feeling. The point of these is when traveling I can catch a smoke without devoting the large amount of time it takes to enjoy a large cigar which can take me up to two hours. The next step past this is another cigar by this company that lasts me about 30 minutes. These last about 10 to 15 minutes - and when I am about to have a nicotine fit during a long movie (at home on TV with my wife) - I can just go out on the front porch and take about 3 minutes worth of hits - and I feel fine. It's about convenience - and in terms of convenience - I and taking care of quick smoke needs - I give these babies a 5.0 rating.


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Better than I expected

Kenly on 06/10/17

First of all - I have never smoked a tiny cigar and expected some super complex flavor like you find with a large super premium exotic cigar. The main thing to me with a small cigar is that whatever flavor is present is rich enough with no negative elements. The important thing to me is that when I smoke a small cigar - I want it to be essentially "the ultimate cigarette". So to not be misleading - as far as what I want and expect from a small cigar - I give the flavor 5 stars - but compared to the full size cigar experience it's an unfair comparison and against the full universe of cigar flavor possible - I only give it 3 stars. The point is that for what it is - it is the best tiny cigar I have smoked yet - and when my dogs wake me up in the middle of night - a few moments on my front porch with one of these - puts me in a great mood and I can get back to sleep. Although all the experts discard the differences between cigars and cigarettes as far as health issues - there is no doubt in my mind that smoking these babies is a far healthier choice than any imaginable cigarette for many technical reasons that would take too long to explain in this review. I highly recommend these cigars for anyone who appreciates a good smoke.


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A buy

Cigar newbie on 06/22/16

Nice little relaxing smoke