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Velvet The tobacco is great! Very simple and great as an everyday smoke. You should always keep some on hand. 5 5 1
Velvet If you took an open can of half/half and waved a cherry at it, you'd have Velvet. A group of us put those 2 through some testing and just couldnt tell any difference between them. One codger has smoked enough H/H to fill a truck bed, and he couldnt tell. Just an observation. I might detect just a smidgen of a cherry hint, maybe. Just a wisp by bowls end. I havent smoked Velvet in over 30 years, and my memory of it then was 'ok'. So Im starting fresh basically. Overall its an easy goin mild tobacco. Nothing phenomenal, but nothing offputting either. Note is very mild I have been told. I smoked some at work, and a guy passing buy made conversation, and mentioned it didn't "smell like a pipe". To be fair, the generation that really hit this type of tobacco instead of aromatic candy flavors are mostly gone. I'm really glad I bought this tin, but I can't aee ever getting another. 3 5 1


Velvet 11VET

Pleasing palates for many generations, Velvet is a very popular classic American pipe tobacco made of specially selected sun-ripened Kentucky Burley and matured ribbon cut Virginia tobaccos. Just as the name implies, this is a silky smooth blend with a subtle, naturally sweet taste and soft soothing aroma. When you place your next order with JR Cigar, take a nostalgic trip back to the "good old days” and add a 12 oz. tin of Velvet Pipe Tobacco to your cart.

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