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Classico Double Perfecto I received a complimentary Toscano Classico at this year's Smokin' in the Carolinas. I lit it up in the afternoon after eating barbecue and drinking beer. I enjoyed it so much that I went up to the stand and talked to the rep, Michael Cappellini, and bought 10 five packs. I have since smoked about 15 both in halves and the whole cigar. I actually got a two hour smoke out of one. I usually smoke a half at 40 to 50 minutes and a whole one for an hour and a half. I normally don't try to identify a cigar's flavor but found I wanted to give a full review of this cigar because of its uniqueness. The wrapper is rough and the cigar feels and looks rustic. It feels hard to the touch and tightly wrapped. The unsmoked smell of the tobacco is a mix of barbecue smoke and the rubbery smell of a new tire. The draw is good and the volume of smoke surprisingly full. The flavor to me is creamy and smokey with undertones of coffee and nuts with a sweet aftertaste. The retrohale is indescribably good without any burning harshness. I would call it a medium smoke that intensifies at the halfway mark of the whole cigar. Cutting the cigar in half and smoking each half shows even consistency. It pairs equally well with coffee in the morning and bourbon in the evening. I think it would pair well with any beverage. The fire cured dry tobacco is just as good if you smoke for awhile, blow the smoke out, and let it go out, and then come back to it later and relight. I don't humidify mine and take a cigar unwrapped in a shirt pocket for a long walk along a river or lake while fishing. It is also great to smoke one while riding my lawnmower cutting a couple of acres. This is my new favorite every day smoke. It is quite economical if you cut them in half. I highly recommend you try one. I have had other fire cured cigars and rustic cheroots and this beats them all. 5 5 1


Classico Double Perfecto 6 × 38 TOTCI

 The Toscano Classico Double Perfecto is part of a famous line of Italian cigars that have been pleasing smokers for many generations. This crooked, rustic-looking stick-features a dark toothy wrapper made of Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany, over a premium blend of Italian and Kentucky fillers. The flavors and aromas are dry, woodsy, and earthy, with hints of licorice and a subtle tobacco sweetness throughout.

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