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Antico Double Perfecto Different flavor that is a change up from the everyday cigar. Hard for me to describe but it has an earthy sweetness to it. What is cool is you can cut them in half and have two shorter smokes for those times when a regular cigar would take two long. Only problem so far is they go out quickly if not tended to. I am a Bandido smoker and put the Toscano ahead of them. 4 4 1


Antico Double Perfecto 6 × 38 TOTA

Toscano Antico Double Perfecto is the classic crooked Italian-style cigar filled with a premium blend of Italian and Kentucky fillers, topped with a dark rustic wrapper made of out of Kentucky tobaccos grown in Tuscany. The flavors and aromas are dry, woodsy, and earthy, with a light tobacco sweetness and a just a touch of licorice. These tasty little sticks offer a rewarding change of pace from your standard premium handmade cigars.

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10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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