Toscano Duecento

200 Years 7.75 × 46 TOTDUE

The Toscano Duecento 200 Years cigar was made to celebrate this famous Italian Company’s 200 years of producing some of the best European style dry cured cigars. Like all Toscano creations, the cigar is rolled in a crude rustic fashion to the delight of their many millions of fans. This long, lean, and crooked stogie boasts a unique 7.75 × 46 size that’s expertly fashioned with a blend that consists entirely of the best Kentucky Dark Fired tobaccos. Then, each cigar is fully aged to perfection before being placed in elegant black lacquered boxes of 20. The result is a full-bodied smoke that produces bold smoky flavors of charred wood, earth, and licorice, all enhanced with a creamy caramel taste on the finish. Order yours today right here at JR, and find out why dry cured cigar fans everywhere have been raving about the Toscano brand for the last two hundred years!
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Kentucky Dark Fired

Kentucky Dark Fired




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