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Vaniglia Aroma I ordered pretty much all the flavors because I was curious about them all. I enjoy the plain Shorts very much, but the vanilla are just plain addictive. So, it's more vanilla for me.Draws good and it will not get destroyed while doing physical labor, teeth marks. I have lit them up after they went out, sometimes more than once and they are not bitter. That's how these seem to me. I like'em. 5 5 1

Toscanello Shorts

Vaniglia Aroma 3 × 38 TOTCIV

Toscanello Shorts Vaniglia Aroma cigars combine the essence of sweet and creamy vanilla with the smoky flavors of wood and barbecue that come from a blend of premium Kentucky and Italian tobaccos.  This is an incredibly smooth smoke with a luring aroma and a medium body profile that’s enjoyable any time of the day.

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