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Habano Short Panatela This stick was very tight on the dry draw. I had to run a poker through it to open it up. The taste was mediocre at best. It wasn't too harsh or acrid, so that's a plus. Beside being a tight draw and a bare tobacco taste these are not memorable. I'm glad I only bought a 5 pack of these. I wouldn't buy them again. 3 3 1

Southern Draw Quickdraw

Habano Short Panatela Drawpak 6 × 52 SDQSP5

Presented in affordable packs of 5, Southern Drawn Quickdraw Habano Short Panatela Drawpak is the perfect choice for smokers that are looking for a premium cigar that pairs well with a wide variety of craft brews, wines, and spirits. Uniquely delicious and medium to full-bodied in strength, hearty flavors of oak, various spices, sweet cocoa, and creamy caramel, will make any adult beverage of choice the perfect pairing.

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Ecuador Habano


Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full