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Regular Just old fashioned tobacco, it's perfect 5 5 1
Regular I lust turned 90 and I have been smoking Sir I just turned 90 and I have been smoking Sir Raleigh for more than 66 years. 5 5 1
Regular This is my go to daily tobacco. At least 4 bowls a day. Its just perfect for my pallete and always has been. From the smell in the tin, to that distant faint "raisenette" flavor. Mmm. Ill always have a tin put back. I like the aromatic version a lot too, but plain SWR is simply my go to. Out of all the drug store brands, and you know them, this has always been my personal favorite. It has a pleasant flavor without being chemically, a pleasant clean note, and wont burn you if you smoke it literally all day long. 4 5 1
Regular This tobacco is wonderful its a must have for any burley fan. Its not only good in a pipe but it rolls the best cigarettes that ive ever smoked its extremely smooth when rolled in OCB cigarette papers. the flavor is very rich the only fault i had is my tobacco which i ordered was very dry which is ok for cigarettes moisture needs added for pipesmoking the smell in the can is like a fermented raisin the smell of the burley is perfect in a bowl it is smoother than most tobaccos has a good nicotein content smokes consistantly with no relights after it is burning well burns slow and not very hot great everyday smoke 5 5 1

Sir Walter Raleigh

Regular 11WRRT

Savored by pipe tobacco smokers for over 75 years, this classic American brand has stood the test of time. This is a medium-bodied, cube-cut Burley blend, noted for its slow-burning character, premium nutty flavor, and deep, spicy core.

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United States

14 OZ. TIN

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